Where Your Website Stands on Google.

Get your website’s Audit report now and find out where your business stands on the world’s largest search engine. With this report, you’ll be able to see key metrics to help improve your ranking on Google immediately!

What This Report Will Reveal.

Your Competition

We’ll conduct a thorough scan of Google’s listings to find your top 3 closest competitors. This will allow you to see who you’re up against and will allow you to create an effective SEO strategy.

Target Keywords

We will Find ranking keywords for your site or a competitor's site, that is easy now with CanexSoft. Click the Get Report now button. You'll see Top Ranking Keywords of your website.

Website Visibility

Lastly, we’ll tell you where your website stands on Google and what might be hurting your site’s visibility such as possible broken links, a lack of keyword-rich content, or slow loading speeds.

Why Is This Information Important?

By identifying the exact keywords your competitors are using, you’ll be able to include these keywords in your SEO strategy. Because these search terms are already proven to be effective at reaching your target audience, including them on your website will provide an incredible boost to your ranking on all major search engines.